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The Curse of Cornelius Sigan - Screen Capture Gallery
A thief named Cedric (Mackenzie Crook) tries to turn Arthur (Bradley James)
against Merlin (Colin Morgan) as part of a plot to rob Camelot's vault.

The Once and Future Queen - Screen Capture Gallery
As the jousting tournament takes places, bounty hunter Myror (Adrian Lester)
targets an unsuspecting Arthur (Bradley James).

The Nightmare Begins - Screen Capture Gallery
Merlin (Colin Morgan) seeks out the location of the Druids hoping they might
be able to help Morgana (Katie McGrath).

The Witchfinder - Screen Capture Gallery
Aredian (Charles Dance), a fearsome witchfinder, is summoned to Camelot by
Uther (Anthony Head) to assist him in his crusade against sorcery.

Lancelot and Guinevere - Screen Capture Gallery
Both Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera) and Arthur (Bradley James) intend to rescue
Gwen (Angel Coulby) after she's abducted by Hengist (James Cosmo).

Beauty and the Beast - Screen Capture Gallery
Uther (Anthony Head) falls in love with Lady Catrina (Sarah Parish), who
is really a troll bent on ruling Camelot.

Beauty and the Beast II - Screen Capture Gallery
Merlin (Colin Morgan) must find a way to expose the fact that newly crowned
Queen Catrina (Sarah Parish) is really a hideous troll.

The Sins of the Father - Screen Capture Gallery
The sorceress Morgause (Emilia Fox) sets events in motion that will lead
Arthur (Bradley James) to learn the truth about his birth.

The Lady of the Lake - Screen Capture Gallery
Merlin (Colin Morgan) rescues Freya (Laura Donnelly), a druid girl who
has been cursed, from the bounty hunter Halig (Richard Ridings).

Sweet Dreams - Screen Capture Gallery
King Alined (David Schofield) uses magic to make Arthur (Bradley James) fall
for Lady Vivian (Georgia Moffett) as part of his plot to start a war.

The Witch's Quickening - Screen Capture Gallery
The charismatic Alvarr (Joseph Mawle) intends to steal the Crystal of Neahtid
from Camelot using Morgana (Katie McGrath) and Mordred (Asa Butterfield).

The Fires Of Idirsholas - Screen Capture Gallery
Merlin (Colin Morgan) is forced to make a heartbreaking choice when a sleeping
spell is put over all of Camelot.

The Last Dragonlord - Screen Capture Gallery
Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) go on a desperate quest to find
Balinor (John Lynch), a mysterious man from the young warlock's past.

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