The Captain of Team Kick: The Tales of Dakota Kai & Evie

Consider this a virtual memory book for Dakota Kai fans by fans. Itís something that I hope pays respect to Capís work from years past and still to come. Itís anything related to the work of Cap as Dakota Kai and Evie. The main feature is an ongoing Backstory Photo Gallery that starts with 2017 and goes all the way up to the most present events in her storyline. There are some articles and other things. Coming soon The Era of Evie will explore Capís work prior to Dakota Kai. The Evie project is planned to be a long-term thing with content added over time. Iíd like to introduce more features if awareness and interest in this project grows.

Why Use The Nickname Cap and Is She Aware of This Project

Itís a nickname to at times differentiate the performer and person from the character. She is the Captain or Cap to her fans so it fits. Fanmail was sent to Dakota at the Performance Center about the project in December. However, Iím not presently aware if it was received or if sheís seen this site.

Contributions Including What Can Be Contributed

I will be launching a Twitter specific to this project to hopefully bring more awareness to it. Right now I don't think there is enough awareness for contributions. Once there is, details on how to submit content will be posted. Contributions could be photos you took at events you want to share. Or articles such as about your favorite matches and moments. Perhaps youíve met her and want to recount the experience? Maybe you even have stories from her days as Evie? If you have an article youíd like to write suggest away once contributions open. All content will be credited to the person who contributed it as you want it to be. I want this to be something others can contribute to.

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