She is 5'5"...scratch that...165 cm because she is from Auckland, New Zealand. Her name is Evie. Coming soon I plan to venture into the past to explore The Era of Evie. From her time in New Zealand working for a hometown promotion to her travels to the United States and beyond. From the bubbly girl next door to an evil investment. This venture will be a lot of work, however I aim for it to be a good resource of information on Cap's work prior to Dakota Kai. Contributions will be most welcome.

The main feature will be a Backstory Photo Gallery looking at many of Evie's memorable moments and matches from her worldwide journey told in screen capture and reCap form similar to the ongoing Dakota Kai Backstory. This will be an ongoing project that will take a bit of work as there donít seem to be many resources from New Zealand and Australian promotions from the years she was active there. But Iím doing my best to seek some out, if possible. Another feature will be a collective of resources out there on Evie fellow fans might find helpful.

Video sources to screencapture some of Cap's work in Shimmer and Shine are being gathered first. I hope to begin adding those chapters to the Backstory Photo Gallery of The Era of Evie later this spring. Future chapters will be added once video sources can be found and screencapped.

The hopeful third feature would be a question and answer with Cap regarding her work as Evie. I did reach out to her to let her know about The Captain of Team Kick project including the plans to explore The Era of Evie. I donít have any way to know if Dakota received the correspondence via the fanmail sent to the Performance Center in December. Responses to fanmail can take quite a while and are never guaranteed. So I will update you guys when and if there is any news to share.

Although itís not something I asked about in the fanmail it did cross my mind recently that a podcast interview with Cap about her work as Evie might cover more ground. Nothing is presently concrete. Don't know right now if a question and answer or interview is even possible. Hopefully I'm not overreaching since Iím a fan and not a journalist.

Feedback or Thoughts on The Captain of Team Kick Project including The Era of Evie: Contact by Email or Contact by Twitter (Soon).

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