What is Section of Randomess?
This site is a gallery of mostly hi res promotional photos
from various new and old scifi, action/adventure, period
and historical, horror and fantasy series and films.

Will any old, new, upcoming shows be added this year?
We'll add a few more in November then no more
for the foreseeable future. There is no way we
can keep everything updated if we keep adding.

Can visitors request the addition of series and films?
We do not take requests.

Can we link back if we use photos for edits, repost, etc?
Yes you can. It would be very much appreciated if you
would consider linking back. Please note we ask people
to link back, not credit us. There is a difference. We
can't and won't take credit for stuff we do not own, but
linking back so others can find the photos and website
is okay to do. Link back to the site not our tumblr.

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