This message was originally posted on the official "The Adventures of Sinbad" forum. It
explained the show's cancellation. It was then reposted on the Virus Sinbad website. It
is now posted here.

"Hey, folks.

I just thought I'd post it officially. It's over. There will be no third season of Sinbad.
We pretty much tried everything. I'll be posting a detailed message on the Virus site in the
next few days.

But, here's the deal, the show wasn't cancelled, as such. We had Tribune and its stations
lined up for a third season. Our ratings were good, not great, but good enough that shows with
lower ratings got picked up for next season. The ONLY reason we're not coming back is that one
of the two companies who bankrolled the show pulled out and they did so in a fashion that made
it virtually impossible for us, time wise, to both save the show and get into pre-production
for a third season.

The foreign problem could have been dealt with and negotiations were underway to change
things around when the company undercut the efforts by dropping us like a hot potato.

Now, I know some of you have theories on the why's and wherefor's of our disappearance.
Again, I'll say this, the ONLY reason we're not coming back is stated above.

We had the best cast, both first and second season, and the best crew you can imagine. Everyone
worked long and hard to bring this show to you week after week. I thank them all.

We still have four new episodes I think you will enjoy. As to how long this forum will remain
up, that's up to the people who own it.

I'd like to thank you all for supporting the show. No matter how young or old you are, I've
come to feel like you're my kids. Even when we have a few ranting maniacs log in, as they have
been for the last few weeks, I'm impressed at your loyalty and your ability to kick verbal butt
in various inventive manners.

So, thank you all, Nomads, for making this two year voyage such an enjoyable one.

I've gotten the okay from Virus to vent on the Virus site and I'll do just that.

But, for now, all my best,

P.S. Keep up your petitions, etc. Make sure the media sees them. Who knows? Maybe a two-hour
reunion movie could someday materialize ala I, Spy or The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Stranger things
have happened and, after working on this show for two years, believe me, "strange" is no
stranger to our abode."

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