This is a history of the show note written by Ed Naha. It is reposted
from the Virus Sinbad website.


Well, it's official. We're dead meat. But, here's the deal. It wasn't
because of the show, it certainly wasn't because of the fans, it was
just because All-American was bought out by a British company, named
Pearson, who pulled the plug on their involvement with the show. That's
it. That's all. It wasn't ratings. It wasn't the show failing in the
foreign markets (Atlantis was addressing that.). It was just because
Pearson pulled the plug. Now, it's over. So, thanks to Virus, I can give
you a brief history of the show.


Sinbad was something I tried to launch as a feature after I wrote HONEY,
I SHRUNK THE KIDS. I was laughed out of town. I kept it on the back
burner and, three years ago, I wound up with a TV deal at
Columbia/Tri-Star, owned by Sony. They OWN the original Ray Harryhausen
SINBAD films. I wanted to pitch it to them. They wouldn't meet with me.
They scoffed over the phone. A few months later, I sold it to
All-American Television. It lingered in limbo until All-American brought
in Atlantis as a Canadian co-producer. It was sold instantly. So
instantly, however, that I was still writing the two- hour in March of
96, when we were slated to begin production for 22 eppys in June. So, we
were always behind. We managed to get a great cast and two great
producers, so things weren't too crazy. There were political nightmares
that resulted in near-anarchy and there were problems on the set. Yet,
somehow, we created, what, I thought, was a great show. Zen, in my mind,
will always be the ultimate Sinbad. George was the ultimate big brother.
Oris? The best BEST friend. Tim? The best nutty scientist. Jackie? The
best Celtic lass, this side of "The Quiet Man." But, there were problems
on the set. Problems I didn't think could not be overcome. Others felt


We finished first of all the new one-hours, that year, in spite of the
craziness. Still, for some, that wasn't enough. All-American got a few
focus groups together and, then, decided that the show was too "Disney."
Now, bear in mind, we were the highest rated new syndicated show around.
So, they decided to make the show DARKER, SEXIER, to attract the
BAYWATCH crowd. About this time, I found out that we had German TV
backers who, apparently, were sold this show as "Baywatch In Baghdad."
Jiggle and swords. That was never my idea. And, so, the show was "taken
over" by the President of All-American.

Jackie's departure was a shock to me. As it was to all the cast. It
happened in one day. With no advance warning. So, I had to come up with
a new character. Suddenly, I found myself taking orders. I was in the
back seat. This came as a shock for Zen and I, we had become great
friends and I consider him a true genius. We were saddled with an
approach neither one of us liked. Riding to the rescue was Mariah, who
jumped into the fray on a moment's notice (and a moment's creation,
since I had no time to work things out...however, I came up with a
through-line that would have played out fine.).

But, my biggest challenge was, the President didn't care about the first
season at all. So, out went all our backstories and, essentially, the
Sinbad universe we had so carefully crafted. I HAD a backstory for
Mariah that CONNECTED with the first season. That was dismissed. More
action! More boozooms! Okay, I could try to work around that. But wait!
There was more! Egad!

A single season in syndication has 22 episodes. I had 47 outlines thrown
out for no reason by the President, largely because they weren't dark or
sexy enough. They were, however, magical and wonderful.

No dice.

We were all on the ropes. Then, I figured out, that, since everyone at
All-American was operating out of a sense of panic, (WE NEED RATINGS
LIKE XENA OR HERCULES!...which took a couple of years to get that
way...and has a largely female audience) I decided to listen to the
President, who was a big Turner old movie fan. I found that the only
stories I could get through were stories that reminded him of old
moves...movies that played on Turner. So, I wound up actually reading TV
guide weekly, as soon as it hit the stands, seeing what movies played
the most on any given week...and plotting accordingly.

Somehow, with the able assistance of the cast, the two new producers
(also excellent), our most excellent crew, Craig Volk and Sandy Gunter
(my writing staff) and freelancers like Jim Novack, we managed to film
some damned good shows in spite of the insanity during the second season.

The cast was my Dream Team and, no matter how much insanity was put upon
them, they delivered. And DELIVERED MOST EXCELLENTLY. The crew was put
into almost impossible situations (like when the President demanded
countless and hackneyed re-shoots, including the creation of a monster
that looked like a Wizard of Oz tree with gout), but they shone brightly.

We got by. We lost some of our original "family" fans, as I had warned the
gurus at All-American when they decided to go dark and brooding. But no one
would cop to that. And so it went. Our ratings went down about a half a
crucial point.


Pearson, a British company, bought out All-American late last year. No
big deal, I thought. Our ratings, thanks to our loyal fans, weren't all
that bad. Tribune Entertainment, which distributed us, had us lined up
for a third season. It looked as if the President would cede editorial
control back to me and his V.P., the fellow who brought the show to
All-American in the first place. Zen and I met and had grand plans for
the third season, bringing back Rumina, Dim-Dim and Turok and revealing
Bryn's past and then....?

Pearson punked out. The President quit. And, so, the show died.

I don't know what more to tell you. Shows with lesser ratings than us
were renewed for next year. Pearson has dished up about half a dozen
reasons for the failure of the show, none of them true. The real reason
that our show went down? Politics. A few of the SAME PEOPLE who ordered
the show be changed and who felt they were mistreated by the then
President, shoved the knives in his back when he left the company. ALL
THE SHOWS he was connected with were either cancelled or killed, stillborn.

So, what can I say to you all. I love you. I'm glad you shared my dream.
It's ALL OF YOU WHO MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE. I have other dreams.

As for me? I'm moving on. I was offered and I have accepted the
co-executive producer spot on the fall season of HONEY, I SHRUNK THE
KIDS. It's based on a movie I wrote nine years ago. Sandy Gunter will
come with me. Hopefully, Craig Volk as well.

Have I abandoned Sinbad or my cast? Hell, no. If you guys raise a
ruckuss and get us back on the air via a TV movie, or a third cable
season, I'll be there in a New York heartbeat.

I'm developing a project for a couple of my cast and I'm hoping to get a
few of them on Honey as guests.

So, that's the tale, lads and lassies. But, in spite of the insanity,
the eye-rolling, the days when all of us bellowed high into the sky just
to relieve the's been one hell of a ride. I grew up
watching the old Sinbad movies and I wanted to pass the magic, the
wonder, the sense of "spirit" onto you. And I did. And you were there
for me.

And, if I never get to do another "Sinbad," maybe one of you, ten,
twenty years from now, will figure..."Gee, I saw this TV show, once, a
long time ago. I liked it. Maybe I can do something NEW with it."
and so it goes, Magic continues. It's all around us. It's in the birth
of a baby and the growth of a flower. You will make it flow.

bestest to you, now and forever, ed.
Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer, The Nomad."

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