This message was posted on "The Adventures of Sinbad" Netbabbler forum in
response to a false rumor that said the show was coming back. The reply was
posted by Sandy Gunter.

"Sorry to tell you guys but AOS hasn't been picked up by WB or anyone
else for that matter. All American, the company that originally produced AOS
and was bought by Pearson, has been completely dissolved. Atlantis, the
other company that produced AOS, has sold "The Nomad", all the props
and dismantled all the South African sets. If there's a series being
filmed it isn't in South Africa and it doesn't include the original cast.

Ed Naha is executive producing "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" which has
George Buza in a co-starring role. Zen Gesner will be in the feature
film "There's Something About Mary". Sorry to disappoint.


This was the false note posted that said the show was returning.

"I was going to several Sinbad web pages and a newspaper article today
and this is a quote made by Zen Gesner (I think that is his name) And it said:
'I've got great news for you guys, I just talked to Ed Naha and it seems that
Warner Brothers productions has agreed to pick up The Adventures of Sinbad for
a third season! Warner Brothers wants to use it for one of their prime time slots
due to the solid ratings it received last year, and it is due to start airing
September 21st! I want to thank ALL of you. You are great fans and we couldn't
have done it without you. We look forward to giving you another great year of
Sinbad. Clear sailings!

P.S. The Official Sinbad Website will not be back up until late
August or early September."

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