This was a note Ed Naha posted to the original webmaster of The Sinbad Pack on
the Netbabbler forum, explaining if Zen Gesner could portray the general character
of Sinbad on another fantasy series like "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" or
"Xena: Warrior Princess." He also gave a nice word about the Fan Fiction Seasons

"Hey, Kid,

By the way, kudos to your website and 3rd year. I know both Sam and Rob, but
I'm not sure, via corporate legaleeeze, a man named Sinbad, played
by Zen, could ever appear on either show. Bummer. But, what the heck, I
can only try, right? And I will.

Zen will (as in 99.9%) probably make an appearance on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,
this year, tho. We just have to figure out in what role that will maximize his
swashbuckling skills.

Bestest to you all, ed"

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