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Return of Sinbad Part 1 - Screen Capture Gallery
After being lost at sea for two years, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) returns to
Baghdad to learn that the once prosperous and peaceful kingdom has
become a greedy society ruled by self-centered Casib (Robin Dunne).

Return of Sinbad Part 2 - Screen Capture Gallery
Before Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew can do battle with Turok
(Juan Chioran) and Rumina (Julianne Morris), they must sail to
the Isle of Dawn and seek out the help of Sinbad's mentor, the
wise wizard Dim-Dim (Wayne Robson).

The Beast Within - Screen Capture Gallery
Rumina (Julianne Morris) uses magic to abduct Sinbad (Zen
Gesner) forcing him into a deadly contest after he refuses her
affections. In order to rescue Sinbad, the others must put
their trust in the sorceress Maeve (Jacqueline Collen).

Still Life - Screen Capture Gallery
When the crew seeks refuge on an island ruled by the talented sculptor
Vincenzo (Robert Stewart), Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) sees haunting
images of a woman(Laura Steed) warning her that she and the others
are in grave danger.

King Firouz - Screen Capture Gallery
When Firouz's (Tim Progosh) Ruby-Beamer malfunctions, Sinbad
(Zen Gesner) and his crew go ashore to assist in fixing its
damage. They find themselves most welcome by the Admiral
(Geza Kovacs) of Princess Elila's (Lisa Melman) guard, both
impressed by Firouz's device.

The Ronin - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) is pitted against the honorable warrior Tetsu
(Von Flores) when the crew responds to an old friend's (Daniel
Pawlick) distress call, which happens to be a series of battles
contested to decide the fate of Baronia.

Little Miss Magic - Screen Capture Gallery
In a game of chance, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) wins The Jewel of the
City of Mist, which turns out to be the beautiful Serendib
(Emmanuelle Chriqui). It turns out this young woman with a
magical gift is someone Rumina (Julianne Morris) wants.

The Ties That Bind - Screen Capture Gallery
Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) is abducted by a band of Norsemen
who are promised their ship back if they bring the Gilling Demon
a flame-haired sacrifice.

Double Trouble - Screen Capture Gallery
A mission on which the crew bring a peace offering to Omar, the
Sultan of Basra(Brian O'Shaughnessy), on behalf of the Caliph
of Baghdad turns deadly when Rumina (Julianne Morris) gets
involved. Meanwhile, Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) pays a visit
to a sorceress, Cairpra (Adrienne Pearce), and comes to terms
with her doubts.

Conundrum - Screen Capture Gallery
After Doubar (George Buza) and Firouz (Tim Progosh) are duped
into selling Rongar (Oris Erhuero), Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and
them search for their missing friend and discover he's become
a prisoner of the evil Scratch (Tony Caprari).

The Prince Who Wasn't - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew help Prince Xander (Christopher
Duncan) rescuehis mother and unborn brother from an evil upsur
named Drax (Jack Langedijk).

The Village Vanishes - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad's (Zen Gesner) crew and an entire village vanish because of
a magical barrier that encases the village. It is up to Sinbad to
discover how to rescue everyone.

Masked Marauders - Screen Capture Gallery
A message from Dim-Dim propels Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew to
visit the Kingdom of Mirhago, where they find the government of the
king (Jack Robinson) usurped by the corrupt Zabtut (Bart Fouche).

The Ghoul's Tale - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew must ensure that Princess Gaia
(Tesse Jubber) reaches her eighteenth birthday without falling
prey to a spell cast on her by Vatek (Andrew Scorer).

The Isle of Bliss - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew are commissioned by the Pasha of
Gedron (Anton Stoltz) to retrieve the Singing Sword from the Isle
of Bliss. Their guide, a sailor named Alanna (Monika Schnarre), is
a suspicious figure who captures Doubar's (George Buza) heart.

The Rescue - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew must defeat Colossus and the warlord
Bellamur (David Mellur) while returning Jial (Talia Rogers) to her
true love, the outlaw Turhan (Mark Dymond).

The Eye of Kratos - Screen Capture Gallery
The supposedly reformed pirate-queen Talia (Lisa Howard) persuades
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) andhis crew to join her in destroying the Eye
of Kratos, a diamond fanatic priests use to oppress Linopia.

The Bully - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) helps Omar (Brian O'Shaughnessy), the Sultan of
Basra, slay a giant Cyclops (Andrew Mackenzie) that has crushed his
men and is threatening to destroy an entire village of people from
Basra. At the same time, Sinbad has to deal with the demon from his
past (Ricky Rudolph) who turned him into a sailor.

Monument - Screen Capture Gallery
A desperate woman, Jullaner (Sabrina Grdevich), enlists Sinbad (Zen
Gesner) and his crew to help her find her missing father (Jeroen
Kranenburg), who turns out to be a power-hungry alchemist threatening
the innocent inhabitants of Mylagia.

Trickster - Screen Capture Gallery
Although Rumina (Julianne Morris) schemes to kill Sinbad (Zen Gesner)
and his crew, she ends up being forced to join them in a struggle
against a band of merciless gods.

The Siren's Song - Screen Capture Gallery
Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew are drawn into a struggle between
Poseidon (Walter Kyle) and greedy Captain Fontassel (Dan Pawlick).

The Vengeance of Rumina - Screen Capture Gallery
Rumina (Julianne Morris) agrees to a deal with Scratch (Tony Caprari) in
order for her father, Turok (Juan Chioran), to be resurrected. Hoping
to end Rumina's terror once and for all, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his
crew lead an army of villagers to destroy her stronghold.

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