A Roman Helliday: This was a script that was bought for Season 2, but never got
produced due to budget constraints. It had the crew sailing to an island inhabited by people
who aren't aware the Roman Empire has fallen. Not much else is known about this one.

The Elemental: This was an episode a freelancer prepared for the third season that
never got filmed since there was no Season 3. The below summary was originally posted on the
show's official forum. Lady Susanna was kind enough to retype it from a hard copy for this
website. A special thanks to her for taking the time to do that.

PROLOGUE - Sinbad and crew rescue an old man named Sallah, and his beautiful daughter, Karina,
found floating with the wreckage of their little boat. They beg Sinbad to take them with him, not
to return them to the island. Sinbad tries to comply, but the wind starts blowing like crazy and
the tides pull them in. A hand of water rises from the waves, closing over the ship, forcing it
to run aground on the island.

ACT ONE - They make camp and build a fire. The Wind whispers mysteriously as Sallah explains
what's going on. Many years ago, the villagers were terrorized by an evil sorcerer named Shardak
until, at last, they were able to destroy him. Or so they thought. Now it seems Shardak is back
with a vengeance, demanding payment for his protection. The people of the island have nothing left
to pay the sorcerer. So Shardak wants the old man's most precious jewel - his daughter, Karina.

As they speak, a strong wind blows through their campfire and, briefly, we see a vaguely humanoid
shape in the flame. The shape quickly vanishes as the wind blows over the crew's heads. The old man
looks fearfully to the fire, following a trail of smoke from the fire with his eyes. They're in
trouble now and he knows it.

We follow the smoke and the wind over the trees to the towering castle on top of the mountain.
Inside the castle, we meet Shardak. Robed in black, face hidden behind an ornate metallic mask, he
is the embodiment of evil. He yells impatiently at the Wind as it enters his chamber, reprimanding it
for being late. The Wind tells him that the girl was not allowed to escape. He also informs him of the
strangers who've come to the island. Shardak throws a tantrum and the Wind, in humanoid form again, is
revealed when it passes through the smoke, then slinks away like a beaten dog to come to rest in a
yellowish crystal cage.

The scene pulls back to reveal three more such cages: One blue, one lavender and one red, in each
corner of the room; each containing another small creature similar to the Wind Spirit. These are Nature
Spirits, living embodiments of the four elements: Earth, air, fire and water.

Back at the campfire, the crew are ambushed by an angry mob of villagers who demand the girl give
herself up. Awesome action sequence on the sheer seaside cliffs. Sinbad and crew come out victorious,
of course. After the struggle, the villagers are impressed enough to listen when Sinbad says he's
there to help.

Sinbad gets a tour of the town, seeing the damage that's been done. Homes destroyed by rain and
flood. Ground parched and cracked. Families homeless on the streets; all victims of the elements.

Firouz asks if anyone has actually seen this terrible wizard. No, says Karina's father who makes
weekly trips to the castle to hear Shardak's demands. Even he only hears a disembodied voice when he
visits the place. Firouz suggests maybe it is not magic or a wizard back from the dead that's causing
these problems. He offers scientific explanations for the strange weather patterns. Bryn differs with
Firouz, sensing the presence of magic, surmising that this damage was the work of a particular kind of
sorcerer - an elemental. She also senses that the girl isn't telling all she knows.

As if on queue, the skies begin to darken and the winds begin to blow. One villager points up to
the sky. Karina is horrified when she sees dark clouds taking shape, forming the words: KARINA IS MINE!
Meanwhile, something huge rises from the ocean.

ACT TWO - Sinbad and the others take shelter in a modest home as a terrible storm strikes the village.
A strong wind blows the roof off the house and they see something that defies explanation. A lumbering
creature, hundreds of feet tall, made entirely of water.

Sallah does something stupid. He runs after the creature and gets himself seriously hurt. The "storm"
passes as suddenly as it began. The crew emerges to survey the damage. It's bad. Karina sees her father
lying on the ground. He dies in her arms.

Crying, Karina admits that she hasn't told them everything. A couple of years ago, we learn, she and
some schoolmates played a practical joke on Achmed, the local genius, which misfired. Achmed was lured
to the forbidden castle at the top of the mountain and got locked in for the night. There was a flash
of light, the earth shook and the kids ran screaming down the mountain. They never heard from Achmed
again, and everyone assumed he was killed by the now-resurrected Shardak. Karina feels responsible for
the return of the sorcerer (local legend had it that the sorcerer would return if anyone trespassed on
his resting place), the apparent death of Achmed and now the death of her father. She says she is going
to give herself up. Sinbad says no, in the morning, he and the crew are going to take care of this
Shardak guy once and for all. They convince Karina to lock herself in her father's wine cellar (where
the Wind won't find her) for the night.

Morning comes and Sinbad and crew prepare for the journey up the mountain to the castle. They discover
Karina is gone; no signs of a struggle. She must have escaped and gone to see Shardak. No time to lose,
Sinbad and the crew start up the mountain.

Meanwhile, on top of the mountain, Karina stands before the castle door, perhaps having second thoughts.
The door opens and she timidly steps inside. Shardak had been waiting for her.

ACT THREE - Karina tells Shardak she's willing to give her life for the town, to pay for her sins. He says
that's nice, but he doesn't want to kill her, he wants to make her his bride. Their conversation is interrupted
by the Wind, which tells Shardak that the strangers are coming for Karina. Shardak smugly amused, gives one of
his enslaved Nature Spirits an assignment...

Several large mud creatures wielding tree roots as weapons rise from the earth to do battle. Our heroes
put up a heroic fight. Mud-wrestling as you've never seen it.

As they talk, Karina makes a connection - something she hears Shardak say or something she sees, and realizes
who it is she's talking to. Shardak unmasks and sure enough, Karina recognizes him instantly as Achmed.

Our heroes finally make it past the mud creatures, resuming their journey to the castle.

In the castle, Achmed tells her what really happened to him. When Karina and her friends locked him in
there, Achmed went exploring and found Shardak's secret stash of magical stuff. He put on the mask and there
was a giant flash of light as magical energy coursed through his body. He discovered he had a talent for
magic and decided he would use it to get back at all those people who taunted him all his life. And to win
the love of Karina. He did all this for her, he says; all these treasures (stolen from the townsfolk) are
for her. He wants her to be his "queen. They will rule together forever, he says.

She hates him for killing her father, but says if he'll go easy on the townsfolk, she'll marry him.
Perceiving her lack of enthusiasm, he says he'll bond her to him using the same will-bending talisman he
used on the Nature Spirits. Once the ritual is completed, she'll forever have to do his bidding - like a
good wife should. She, like the Nature Spirits, will be his slave, devoting every waking moment to her
new master's pleasure.

Our heroes make a dramatic entrance before the procedure can be completed and boy oh boy is Achmed mad.
Bryn sees the Nature Spirits imprisoned in the crystals; sensing their pain, she knows they're being forced
to do Achmed's bidding. She demands Achmed let them go, calling this a crime against nature. Achmed
refuses, unleashing more fury on his unwanted guests before going back to his ritual. He causes a beast
of fire to emerge from a boiling pit of lava in the floor of the castle.

ACT FOUR - The beast lumbers toward our heroes, spitting flame. Achmed has a hard time concentrating
with all this stuff going on around him. He reads from a huge, dusty book of spells as Sinbad, Firouz,
Doubar, Rongar and Bryn do battle with the huge fire beast. At one point, Sinbad attempts to destroy the
beast, but only succeeds in causing it to break apart and multiply.

As the ritual nears completion, Achmed's talisman changes color. The fire creatures start mumbling
something about unison. At first our heroes can't make out the words, but then Sinbad understands:
"Now...the talisman...do it now..." the beasts are grumbling. Even as they are unwillingly attacking
our heroes, the creatures are trying to tell their opponents how to break the spell. But nobody can
get to the talisman.

Dermott to the rescue. The hawk flies to Achmed and pecks at his face as he struggles to complete
the ritual. Achmed flails his arms, swiping at the bird, until the talisman finally slips from his
fingers and slides across the floor. Achmed dives for it, but Dermott gets to it first, snatches it
up and drops it into the lava pit. Achmed watches helplessly as the talisman sinks slowly into the
lava, just beyond his reach. The talisman cracks and explodes, shooting white flares, as molten rock
closes around it, swallowing it whole. Then its gone.

The fire beasts suddenly stop fighting. The creatures turn on Achmed and he backs to the wall,
demanding they do his bidding. They don't listen. Achmed, in panic, grabs the spell book and flips
through it, searching for something, anything to use. He threatens to burn the whole town...
(flipping through the pages)...to dust! He flails desperately for some magical paraphernalia,
reads aloud the first few words of the spell...

Back in town, the ground starts to shake, the sky starts to darken.

The lumbering lava beasts suddenly vanish, melting into the castle floor. Achmed is confused at
first, then smiles, assuming he's won the fight. He doesn't notice the Nature Spirits escaping from
their burnt-out crystal prisons behind him.

Bryn knows it's not over. She says that they have to get out of there. Sinbad and his crew grab
Karina and run like crazy from the castle. "Where are you going" cries Achmed. "Come back, Karina.
I'll do it! I'll turn everyone to dust!" He reads more of the spell.

In town, foot traffic stops as a building crumbles to dust.

In the castle, Achmed is suddenly ambushed by all four elements. Great walls of flame rise from
the candles to surround him. Powerful winds throw him and pin him to the wall. He screams as massive
hands of stone and soil clutch at him from the floor.

Sinbad and the others watch as storm clouds gather over the castle. Rain pours a torrent, lightning
strikes and the castle collapses on itself, burying Achmed under the rubble.

When it's over, the storm clouds clear with unnatural suddenness. Our heroes (or maybe just Bryn, being
so magic-sensitive) see the four Nature Spirits: One blue, one red, one yellow and one lavender, rising
from the wreckage like mist - to form a rainbow.

EPILOGUE - Sinbad and crew are back on The Nomad and it is prime sailing weather, thanks to their
friends, the Nature Spirits. Bryn raises a few eyebrows when she seems to be having a conversation
with the wind. Some cheap laughs and the credits roll. THE END

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